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Fail, Survive or Thrive. By Cassie and David Beattie

Fail, Survive or Thrive. A book about Marriage
By Cassie and David Beattie

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Book Synopsis

My husband and I wrote this book together, it is our first foray into writing together and it is a book about Marriage. What we have learned from failed marriages and our intention is to encourage others to learn and grow as a couple.

One of our friends recently got married and on visiting him started me thinking why we are so very happily married? What had we as a couple done right? So I started writing a few notes which kept expanding which became a booklet then after a few days asked my wife to co-write it so we would have a balanced view, by this time she had already written her first couple of pages of thoughts.

I once heard a minister say he would not marry anyone until they had first gone through marriage counselling; I thought this was tough and intrusive but in hindsight marriage is so different from being single, few people are prepared for the change and...
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