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Your Guide To Treating Fibromyalgia by Terry Springer

Your Guide To Treating Fibromyalgia
By Terry Springer

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This ebook will teach you how to implement processes and systems to utilize in developing an effective individual Fibromyalgia treatment program. Start managing your Fibromyalgia the smart way!

Fibromyalgia for most patients begins with pain and confusion. Pervasive and persistent pain appearing with no apparent cause and not responding to typical treatments can leave the patient and care providers frustrated. Diagnostic parameters of this disorder are poorly defined due to its inherent nature. Diagnosis frequently boils down to the elimination of other possibilities, a process that can be both long and confusing. No specific medical tests apply, and no established set of symptoms exist that provide a definitive diagnosis. Confusion and doubt have been central to fibromyalgia throughout its history. This is our purpose: To develop an individualised treatment approach, c...
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