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Healthier Living Tips Inspired by Chinese Medicine by Toffler Niemuth

Healthier Living Tips Inspired by Chinese Medicine
By Toffler Niemuth

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) developed over thousands of years of trial, explorations, and healthcare for the longest surviving civilization on our planet. TCM takes the concept of holism as its fundamental principle: everything is interconnected, the outside with the inside, man with nature, interrelatedness of bodily organs, food as medicine, emotion as influencing physical health, and other similar concepts. TCM also emphasizes balance: the need for rest, just as for work; the need for cool, just as for warmth.

Throughout the ages, traditional Chinese medicine made its way into the home, such that families used principles, concepts, and techniques at home to ensure optimal health, cure ailments, and prevent disease.

With this guide, you can bring some of the easiest and most effective uses of Chinese medicine into your home to benefit from millennia of hea...
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