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A Thirst for War by Raymond Gustavson

A Thirst for War
By Raymond Gustavson

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Book Synopsis

A Thirst for War is an historical novel centered on the planning and destruction of the Cumberland River Railroad Bridge in Clarksville, TN. Interwoven into the novel is a haunting love story that adds dramatic tension to the plot. The heroine (Lydia Robertson) is a strong, willful woman who is involved with two men: the protagonist (John Ulysses Martin) and a Yankee Lieutenant (Lawrence Wallace). Lydia is also beautiful and intelligent. Ahead of her time in regard to a woman's role in society, this very modern character widens the scope and appeal of the book, and ultimately allows John Martin to complete his mission when failure seems imminent.

Setting: Set primarily in Clarksville, TN, this US Civil War novel covers the period February to December 1862.

Characters: John Ulysses Martin: Professor of History at Stewart College. He is lame in his righ...
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