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114 Mimosa By J. Bennington

114 Mimosa
By J. Bennington

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Book Synopsis

Jonas visits a fortune teller first. She sends him to a Voodoo Doctor to help him eliminate his chronically ill wife. The means is delivered with precise instructions that were not followed and a triumphant demon does what he loves the best. Now: if you live at 114 Mimosa, move! You won't like what happens if you stay.


Jonas Stricky sat in a dimly lighted room breathing in the heavy, thick smell of often used incense. Across a round table, draped with a dingy grey cloth, sat Sister Grace, a fortune teller of renowned fame. He waited nervously, palms' sweating, for her to reply to his inquiries concerning his future and his marriage. Sister Grace watched the crystal ball on the table between them. More intently, she watched the reaction of her client from the corner of her eye. She exercised caution, for she had met many strange persons du...
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