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36 Hours: the 2nd edition by Anthony Barnhart

36 Hours: the 2nd edition
By Anthony Barnhart

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Book Synopsis

In April of 2004, a zombie outbreak plagues the world. This novel follows the journey of a single high school student as he struggles to survive amidst the chaos and despair.


She stood outside, the stiff breeze billowing the lavender dress around her legs. She hunched down, scooped a shirt into her hands, stood, raised her arms, clipped the shirt upon the clothesline. She stood back for a moment and took a deep breath, her hands dropping down to her bulging stomach. Birds cried out in the distance, singing to one another, and she felt a slight thrust in her abdomen, and a smile crept over her worn lips.

The house’s back screen door flew open, and her son and another boy hopped across the concrete patio facing the swing-set. They shouted to one another as they ran towards the tree-line, and the woman watched with a faint grin as they disappe...
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