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Black Harry by Alim Kanoukoev

Black Harry
By Alim Kanoukoev

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Book Synopsis

Do you really wanna know what happened ..... I mean really..... think before you go on, because I have no time for those just seeking entertainment. Once you turn the page you have to open your mind, you have to believe .... for your own sake . You haven't left yet .... well it shows something ..... Ready? Here we go:


I don’t know why I am writing this. I guess because I’m tired and afraid. No, no, that was the wrong way of putting it. I’m tired of BEING afraid. Yes, that’s it. The most silly thing is to have fears when you are sixty, especially if they’re from your childhood. And yet here I am, putting this crazy story on a paper.  

My name is Edward Zikawitz, I’m a lonely old man who has nothing more than his apartment and his pension. Oh....., and yes, his memories, you can’t get rid of those,...
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