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Blood of a Marionette by Timothy J. Sparklin

Blood of a Marionette
By Timothy J. Sparklin

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Excerpt:  The entire university was abuzz with the murder that had taken place. Located next to a small town in New Jersey, Falhorn University was not used to being front page news for the state. Its typical crime rate consisted of cows getting hit by tourists visiting the historic town from the nearby coast and the drunken antics of college hooligans during basketball season. It seemed that everywhere Lazarus went, whether it was Dansbury Hall, his apartment, or the bathroom in the student center, that there were police everywhere. They seemed to have come out of the woodwork. The media had also set up a large camp at the sidewalk intersection in front of Howe Hall where the body had been discovered. They would harangue passing students, staff, and the golden calf, a police officer. Scarlett was not immune either.

The two of them sat in Chucks Café, within visua...
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