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horror novel and horror story, free ebook - The Devil's Due -horror novel and horror story, free ebook -  Michael Purcell

The Devil's Due
By Michael Purcell

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Book Synopsis

The Devil comes to a small town on Halloween evening. Terror grips the town, and one young boy's life will be changed forever. He is slowly tormented his entire life, until the day comes when he must fight for his immortal soul. The horror will have you on the edge of your seat as Donald Lemore tries to save his sanity, and avoid spending an eternity burning in hell.


A police investigation turned up that the gunman really was a marine. He was Private First Class, Anthony J. Pruitt, United States Marine Corps. It would only be fair to Mr. Pruitt to tell of the circumstances that led up to the crime that would put an end to his tormented mind. He had enlisted in the Marines shortly after the Vietnam war broke out. He was an honor student in high school and a very patriotic young man. He felt it his duty to enlist in the Marines, and fight for his country...
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