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From The Marsh by A J Laughton

From The Marsh
By A J Laughton

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Book Synopsis

Detective Joshua Penulf and his younger brother Perry move to a small island off the coast of England. A beautiful island with a back bone of green hills that separates the lush farmland from the marsh that covers one side of the island. The marsh is all but empty with only a solitary house left from what was once a row build to house workers, a dying chemical plant ready for closure and an R.A.F base, disused for almost twenty years.

Island life agrees with both Joshua and his brother and in the idyllic setting, what could make them want to leave, but then the deaths begin.

The old school master who lived in the loan house on the marsh is found, only his bones and feet remaining. Joshua quickly tries to track down the murderer but as more and more bodies, stripped of their flesh begin to pile up, it quickly becomes clear, there's more to this case than simple...
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