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Hard by Jack R. Dunn

By Jack R. Dunn

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Book Synopsis

A horror novel set in a small Iowa college town. A farmer's daughter, a history professor, a rich sorority girl, a skate punk, and a little girl arrive on the frozen campus and discover it is nothing like what they expected. This is a funny, violent, frightening adventure that promises an ending you will not expect.


He has finished hurting her for now. She runs from the house as she always does after this. In the barn she finds the small caliber rifle he bought her for shooting crows.

"Ya get a quarter a head," he’d said, picking at his dentures with a long dirty fingernail. "Kill twenty, Jerry-Jean, an’ ya can take Saturd’y afternoon off."

Most farmers would have used noisemakers, or given her a shotgun, but he wanted them dead and he said the rifle would make her a good shot. It did.

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