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Invasion of the Killer Tapeworms (screenplay) by T.A. Parker

Invasion of the Killer Tapeworms
By T.A. Parker

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Book Synopsis

SCREENPLAY: Invasion of the Killer Tapeworms

An elite team of soldiers must fight against the upcoming tapeworm revolution. People affected explode with the parasites... killing everyone around them. The soldiers soon discover a cover-up that will threaten the world's very existence.





We see several dozen Humvees and military vehicles. They cruise up and down the streets. Houses line up the neighborhood on either side. A black Humvee SLOWS to a crawl. HALTS out front of one home.

A homeless man greets the driver. They talk unheard words. The homeless man gestures toward the house behind him. We see three soldiers step from the Humvee. They slowly approach the tucked away home.

Two of the soldiers are short. One f...
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