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Iyrico by Lea Ryan

By Lea Ryan

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Book Synopsis

Levi doesn't like going to Cliff House. Never mind how strange it is, the place is dangerous. Its location atop a bluff. Poisonous foliage. A pack of stray dogs prowling the property. Not to mention his ten-year-old cousin, Nessa, who might or might not have tried to kill him during a previous visit. Little does he know, even she isn't the biggest threat Cliff House has to offer. Darker secrets lurk.


"This is a difficult time for everyone, Levi. I need you to be nicer to your cousin during this visit. I don't know what got into you the last time." Her eyes in the rearview mirror revealed the same expression of disappointment he'd seen before. Pain filtered through as well, quenching the heat of his irritation with the subject.

He looked out the window at the passing orchard and mumbled, "I wouldn't steal from Gr...
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