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Mad Gods Volume I by Athanasios

Mad Gods Volume I
By Athanasios

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Book Synopsis

Kostadino Paleologos is a descendant of Byzantine emperors and lives with honour, duty and sacrifice. He returns to Istanbul to send trapped souls to their deserved rest. The final soul sends him on a quest to the mythic, ancient Library of Alexandria. There he finds a unique book which convinces him to abduct the infant Antichrist and raise him as his own.

Volume I is chapters 1-4 of Mad Gods. Download Vol II (chapters 5-8)


Istanbul conjured images of ancient history. Medieval Christian sculptures and mosaics stood among electric streetlights and movie posters. As he walked the city's streets, Kosta Paleologos saw the past amidst the modern hustle and bustle and felt grief, called monaxia - a longing for home and the familiar, which deepened in Istanbul. Everywhere, he saw faded glory, and turned Istanbul to Kostadinoupoli. Greeks to Byzanti...
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