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Matters of Mortology by T. M. Camp

Matters of Mortology
By T. M. Camp

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Book Synopsis

Alone in a crumbling manor, an aging undertaker recounts a horrifying episode from the early days of his career. When an unspeakable monster trespasses the border between life and death, the undertaker finds himself in a struggle to save the village he has sworn to serve -- even if it means sacrificing his own family and faith in the process.

T.M. Camp is also author of Assam & Darjeeling.


There are few trees in my country. The low rolling hills of the region are shrouded in tall, pale grass. At night, thick mists seep into the valleys, spreading out between the high hills to smear the evening with a damp grayness.

I live outside the village in my family’s ancestral home. The house sits, squat and massive, on the rise of a high hill at the end of a lonely rutted lane that bears our name. The house was built from pale gray ston...
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