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Notorious by John Jones

By John Jones

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Curio Enchantment is a practising psychic who the police turn to when they have run out of leads. He believes he can prove the existence of the paranormal, and in so doing become wealthy and famous. For Malcolm Selden, university student, his mother was a victim who had been found by Curio's psychic detection. His father admits to her murder and commits suicide in custody. Malcolm cannot understand why he would have done this, and visits Curio to see if he can contact his father to gain answers. Soon afterwards, ordinary members of the public start turning to murder. Have Malcolm and Curio tapped into unknown forces? Will Malcolm find the answers he seeks, and discover why people are trying to kill him? and Will Curio prove the paranormal as a scientific fact?


Her cold, dead eyes stared up at the night sky, and the men who stood looking down at her sto...
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