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The Pornographer's Party & Other Stories by Chike Deluna

The Pornographer's Party & Other Stories
By Chike Deluna

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Book Synopsis

8 Tales of Darkly Psychotic Horror. You are cordially invited to attend the 10th Annual Pornographer's Party. This year's theme shall be horror and madness with our usual liberal sprinkling of black humour.
The festivities will include:

* A gigolo, invited to a remote island by an aging socialite with a terrifying secret.
* A soldier who discovers his true calling amidst the wanton horrors of war.
* A truck driver who inadvertently rescues a porn baron one dark and storm-swept night - and discovers the nightmare that festers beneath the skin-trade.
* A gameshow host forced to participate in a nightmare version of his own game.
* A recluse who likes his ladies on the large side, and will stop at nothing to feed his fetish.
...And much More....

Please join us on this Unholy occassion and together let us plum...
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