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Ritual of Blood by C J Wright

Ritual of Blood
By C J Wright

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Book Synopsis

In 1873, vampires are preparing for the fulfilment of a 2000 year old prophecy that will allow them to walk in sunlight, and only Vampire Hunter, Victor Drake can stop them.


The shadows on the cobbled streets where she was running were frightening her.

Not knowing whether they were her stalker or not, her heart raced as she ran. Afraid for her life, she dared not look back in case her fear was real.

The stories she had heard over the months she had just dismissed as foolhardy tales told by travellers at the local inn. As a barmaid, she was used to the drunken lies told by the customers just to get her into their beds. A few of the other girls had been drawn by these stories, or at least that was their excuse for going with these men. Jessica however was not so taken in. She knew the truth. Whether the girls she worked with believed thes...
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