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Scarecrow by Darren G. Burton

By Darren G. Burton

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On a small island resort in the middle of the Bahamas, three college graduates dive for lost Spanish treasure. In their efforts to find the gold, the three men open an underwater cave that has been sealed shut for more than two decades. In the cave lurks a creature of unspeakable evil. One by one, the resort guests start to disappear. Headless corpses wash up on the beaches. Kurt, Matt and Pete must find a way to stop the bloody rampage before they all die. But only one man knows the secret of the SCARECROW.


The night was dark and humid, storm clouds homing in on the island from the south-west. Lightning danced in forks on the horizon, thunder grumbling like an awakening beast. The island lay in wait, no wind; just eerie calm.

A scarecrow stood in the middle of a cornfield, lifelessly gazing out over the ocean. It had wooden arms and legs, with a...
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