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The Seventh Sense by Nick Warren

The Seventh Sense
By Nick Warren

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Book Synopsis

Eleven stories of horror and the supernatural. Meet creatures of evil and destruction both human and not. A dark family with a white sheep. An enforcer tracking a deranged killer. Criminals of the future and the present. Abusers and the abused. An old man with an amazing power. A writer on a rich man's quest and one rare young woman with the seventh sense.

Excerpt from The Hand Dryer King:

There’s more than one heart in the human body. I’m not talking about sentiment, the heart you find on a Valentine’s Day card, not the type young girls scrawl on the pages of school books or in little diaries protected with flimsy gold coloured locks. I mean the heart of old beliefs. The heart as the centre of being. What we knew before science told us the brain was we and we the brain. Would you be surprised to find there are hearts in each...
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