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The Son of Man by CW Johnson

The Son of Man
By CW Johnson

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Book Synopsis

Imagine they set out to clone The Son of God...

Imagine they succeed...


The Boeing 727 began its slow decent over metropolitan Nashville. Throughout the long flight, Dr. James Donahue had been flooded with warm memories of his days back at old Vanderbilt, back when he and Blaze Jenkins ran the place. Blaze was one of the best Commodore quarterbacks anyone could remember. He was fast as a sprinter, big as a linebacker, and mean as a badger when necessary. Jim was a second-string wide receiver.

The game was Vanderbilt at Tennessee, big, big rivalry, fourth down, last quarter, final play. Blaze threw the pass that counted and, because the starting wide receiver had pulled a groin, Jim was there to catch it. Nothing he’d done before or since could compare. Man, what a night. For Blaze it was just another game, but Jim would’ve b...
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