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The Peeling: Jeremy's Choice By Iain Rob Wright

The Peeling: Jeremy's Choice
By Iain Rob Wright

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Book Synopsis

This is the first book in a series of novellas set in a world ravaged by a deadly plague.

Jeremy has choices. Choices that may affect whether he lives or whether he dies. The most deadly virus ever to strike humanity is steering the world towards anarchy and people are dying in the streets. The Peeling will literally melt your flesh.

And pretty soon The Peeling will affect the people Jeremy cares about. The world is ending, one poor soul at a time.


The Never Stop News Studio seemed cramped and small with all the bodies currently occupying it. The typical skeleton crew of six or seven had swelled to at least four times that amount in the last few hours as people crammed in front of the station’s news desk while its two young reporters prepared to go live with the evening’s story. The overcrowding had made Jeremy’s job a...
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