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Traum by Martin Hyde

By Martin Hyde

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Book Synopsis

Psychological Horror.

Being discharged from a mental hospital following suicide attempts after the loss of her only son, Zaria Martin goes with her husband for a getaway weekend. Not only does the hotel bring back terrifying memories but a familiar child is haunting Zaria's dreams. Is there 'something wrong with this place' or is she slipping from sanity again?


Zaria smiled to herself and looked sideways at her beaming husband. He took a hand from the steering wheel and took hers from its position on her right thigh. He smiled back, keeping his head forward but squeezing her soft hand gently. With a glisten in her eyes and a wide smile from ear to ear, she reached her free hand forward and pressed play on the cassette player. The sound of a romantic pop hit faded in and Zaria laughed to herself instantly.  

“You r...
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