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Vampire Chronicle by Nik Edge

Vampire Chronicle
By Nik Edge

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Book Synopsis

Call them disints, the undead, or walking corpses. They haunt everyone, especially an L.A. journalist who sets off on an investigative journey to determine their origins.


The vampires were a frightening and enticing facet of society. As their virus spread, many people simply surrendered. A Los Angeles Times poll provided the sobering percentages: 68% wanted to be metamorphosed immediately, in order to cut prematurely the daily torture of waiting; 19% determined to struggle to the last, in hopes of some preternatural intervention; 13% undecided. Meanwhile, the President ordered the citizens to go about their daily activities, which would discourage the
“freedom suckers.” So businesses kept the flow of capital surging, and sports became ever more popular, providing a safe refuge for non-vampire aficionados. A National Enquirer story report...
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