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Blood, Sweat & Tea By Tom Reynolds

Blood, Sweat & Tea
By Tom Reynolds

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Back in 2003, an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) working for the London Ambulance Service began writing a blog. It turned into this book.

Hold tight and get ready for fast-paced, graphic accounts of the daily life of an EMT on the busy streets of London. It's funny and heartwarming yet tragic and profound in parts, reflecting the realities of providing emergency services in an inner-city environment.


The story of the first baby I delivered - I can still remember it now. I can also remember my feeling of relief when it all went smoothly. Yet still managed to turn it into a rant about Midwifery.

Just in from my late-shift and feeling more upbeat than normal. Tonight I delivered my first baby... and yet I can still turn this happy event into a rant.

Picture the scene, you are a midwife (this means you have a chip on your s...
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