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In The Company of Strangers by Jim Haffner

In The Company of Strangers
By Jim Haffner

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This is part 2 and picks up as I arrive at the Aviation Officer's Candidate School (AOCS -- setting for the bestselling book and movie "Officer and a Gentlemen"). This story follows me on my first day of training as I "sweat" my way through the first 12 hours in the barracks. Can I keep going? Should I quit? What will happen next? Can this get worse?


As my foot touches the green carpet both doors fly open. I hold my breath and wait. Several sailors stream out of the building and head straight for me. I’m under attack. They’re dressed in matching khaki uniforms with black shiny shoes and a square gold belt buckle at their waist that glistens in the sun. My bag falls lifeless to the ground next to my feet as they step closer to the edge of the top step. They’re standing just a few feet from me.

The instruct...
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