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Girls on the Home Front by Ian Billingsley

Girls on the Home Front
By Ian Billingsley

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Book Synopsis

A collection of memoirs from the ladies during WWII.

Prepare yourself for a journey through life as it really was. You will not come across the glamour of the big screen here, nor its phoney plastic heroes, or for that matter, those strange and compelling characters of the well versed professional writers imagination.

This, I will tell you, is for real.


When you are eighteen, you are young, silly and just the right age to serve in the British Army, and fortunately, the imagination is not very vivid or active at that age.

1939 Found me and my friends approaching eighteen and in the 14th Bucks Company A.T.S. We had joined in 1938. Not for patriotic reasons, but purely because the company we worked for had promised us an extra week’s pay and leave to attend the annual Army summer camp.

I don’t think...
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