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Out of the Box By Ron Leifer

Out of the Box
By Ron Leifer

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Early Life: Elementary School

In my early life, I was very much inside the box. I didn't step out until later during my psychiatric training when I saw how cruel psychiatry can be. I learned two lessons in elementary school that are worth passing down. I worked hard and got good grades, which proved important, as I shall tell. I was not, and am not brilliant, so I had to work hard to get good grades. If you want good grades, or good anything, you have to apply yourself and work hard. The girls in my class were brilliant, worked hard and regularly got good grades. I was very impressed and inspired by them.

The second lesson I learned is that the atmosphere of the school, or any organization, is created at the top. In my school, P.S. 105, the principal was Mrs. Goodwin, a dignified woman with whom the students, uniformly white and Jewish, could identify...
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