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A Reason for Living by Billy Casper

A Reason for Living
By Billy Casper

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Book Synopsis

A Story that Shocked the World!

This is the powerful and compelling true story of a child's fight for suvival, living like a wild animal, on and under the streets of England.

A child in need of protection from his evil and sadistic parents.


The Vicar stood upon the old wooden platform, reading from the Bible, looking down onto the highly polished dark wooden coffin which lay across two planks of wood above the hole in the ground. Arrangements had been made for the coffin to remain unsealed, to be sealed by the family at the funeral. Ten people stood round all dressed in black, my father stood to the right of the Vicar. The rest of the family stood with emotionless faces in a line of age descending order, myself, being the eldest son, nearest to the Vicar, the youngest grandchild farthest away. The Vicar read from the Bible but nobod...
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