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The Hexagrams of the Book of Changes by Michael Graeme

The Hexagrams of the Book of Changes
By Michael Graeme

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Book Synopsis

A personal interpretation of the hexagrams of the Book of Changes, or I Ching, one of the worlds most respected oracular devices. The work is based upon the author's own experience of using the book as a psychological, spiritual and divinatory tool.


The Book of Changes as we know it today dates from China's Bronze age, around 3000 years ago, though its origins certainly predate this. Tradition has it that the genesis of the Book of Changes, or I Ching, is owed to Fu Xi, some 5000 years ago. Fu Xi was a legendary ruler and sage to whom the secret of the oracular core was reputedly revealed by a pattern of dots upon the back of a dragon-horse rising from the Yellow-River. However, it is not until the Shang dynasty, around 1600 B.C. that we begin to see evidence of the oracle in  a form we would recognise today. The Shang are also credited with t...
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