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In Pursuit of a Rational God by Anthony Dias Souza

In Pursuit of a Rational God
By Anthony Dias Souza

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Presents a controversial view of subjects such as consciousness, intentional design, religion, prayer, and other metaphysical topics from a perspective that sets itself in the vast middle ground between theism and atheism. A must-read for anyone seeking a new interpretation of reality from a science-based point of view.


What am I?  What caused me to be?  Does life have a purpose?  What will happen to me when I die?  These are the volatile personal questions that arise when individuals first recognize their mortality and seek to give substance to their lives.  Even when not voiced consciously, these questions are the sparks that ignite the fires of inquiry.  They channel our inbred sense of curiosity into exploring the depths of self and, by extension, into delving into the fabric of the environment within which we exist. For m...
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