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Stalking the Average Man by John Axelson

Stalking the Average Man
By John Axelson

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Book Synopsis

This true story chronicles a recklessly adventurous soundman's experiences while working in the world's hot spots for CBS, NBC, and CBC television news, then being confronted with the truth of his actions:

I met a beautiful, covert mystic whose interests lay in the design of destiny, miracles, and apparently me, as she dangled mystical intrigues from her novel-in-progress to secure my help formatting it for the screen. As an average-looking man, whose naivet? had been savaged while working for television news in places like San Salvador and Beirut, I reasoned that a romance between us was no less absurd an idea than the premises she already embraced, and I decided to pursue her affections while assisting her.

Portentously, learning her plot was like sucking gelatine through a straw before she confessed that she needed help with a critical element:...
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