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System Engineering & Design Architecture by Sander R.B.E. Beals

System Engineering & Design Architecture
By Sander R.B.E. Beals

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Book Synopsis

A further expansion of the trilogy published earlier, in which Everything is seen as a System. It clearly shows that some mechanisms are seen on various levels in our everyday world, making the Grand Overall Design a thing of extreme Beauty...


Everything is a System
They say: "If you have a hammer, everything becomes a nail." Likewise, this document and its promise of a System Engineering & Design Architecture will turn everything into a System, by simply looking at it through System-colored glasses....

We already established that only fairly simple tools do not require software, just like only the simplest of our everyday technology doesn't use electricity. Most of our Systems are so-called Hybrid Systems, a mix of the following aspects:

1. Chemical
2. Material
3. Mechanical
4. Electrical (...
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