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Weird Beliefs by Barry Wilson

Weird Beliefs
By Barry Wilson

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In this book you can explore many fascinating subjects, including:
Devil Worship ... Zombies ... Doomsday Cults ... Head Shrinkers ... Hungry Ghosts ... the Grim Reaper ... Witch Smellers ... Human Sacrifice ... Dervishes ... Sacred Mushrooms ... Snake Handlers ... Sin Eaters ... Demonic Possession ... the Antichrist ... Golems ... Ritual Crucifixions ... Ghouls ... Pillar Saints ... the Devil's Mark ... the Ghost Dance ... Idol Worship ... and many more.


The Temple of Rats

Everyday about 20,000 rats roam through the Karni Mata temple, which is located in the city of Deshnoke in northwestern India. These rats are believed to be re-incarnations of certain dead people who will eventually be reborn as higher life forms. The rats can move freely throughout the entire temple complex, and they are always provided with all the food they can e...
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