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The Fresher's Handbook by Joanna Moore

The Fresher's Handbook
By Joanna Moore

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Book Synopsis

The Fresher's Handbook: how to have a freakin' awesome time at uni. A no-nonsense guide to making the most of your time at a British university.


This guide has been written with your average school leaver in mind but might be useful for mature students too.
Most of this guide is based on personal experience. Although the author has made every reasonable attempt to achieve complete accuracy, she assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Use this information as you see fit and at your own risk, and adjust your use of the information and recommendations to suit your own situation.

So you’re off to uni…

You did it. You persuaded them to give you a place, you sat the exams, you got the grades. The only thing left between you and the glorious university bubble which will be your home for t...
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