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A brief look at the History of Censorship by Darrell Wright

A brief look at the History of Censorship
By Darrell Wright

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This 40 page booklet offers the reader an insight into the unethical world of censorship. From the censoring of the Holy Bible through the Columbine tragedy and beyond, this booklet looks at what has been censored, why it was censored, and why the censorship code is too ambigeous.

It also offers insight into films and other material which are considered illegal in the United States; yet, passed inspection by the United States Censorship boards.

Great for a student researching Censorship for a school paper.


Since the 14th century, censorship has been both a moral and political issue in American lives. Religious leaders, politicians , and other organizations have attempted to coerce the American people into what they could read, see, and hear. These influential persons may believe they are doing what is appropriate to “purify the so...
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