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A Catholic Understanding of the Near Death Experience. By M. C. Ingraham

A Catholic Understanding of the Near Death Experience
By M. C. Ingraham

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Book Synopsis

The book concludes that all major NDE elements are within the bounds of Catholic theology. The light tunnel and friendly light beings are part of common culture, but NDE reincarnation, previous lives and "the contract" are assumed to be at odds with Catholic theology. These NDE elements are actually mislabled and misunderstood but are with the bounds of Catholic theology. NDE elements examined are: Light tunnel, Light being(s), Boundary of Heaven, Jesus, Life contract and task , Previous lives, Reincarnation (future lives), Life review, Heaven, Unconditional love, Salvation, Religion, Spiritual level (vibration of spirit), Purgatory, Hell, Distressing NDE, Ketamine induced NDE; and more.


First NDE construction, of Jane Doe.
“It was midnight and I was walking to my car which was parked on the street. A man emerged from h...
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