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Dreams, Visions and Seers - Peter McArthur

Dreams, Visions and Seers
By Peter McArthur

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Book Synopsis

Dreams and visions appear regularly throughout the Bible. This ebook looks at how they come to us, what they are, and how to discern whether they are from God or the product of last night's pizza! It has many insights that will prove helpful in understanding what dreams are all about.


The Bible clearly shows that the Lord communicates to people through dreams, visions and even trances. For example if you remove the dream sequences from the beginning of Matthew's Gospel you greatly impoverish its supernatural impact. There are seven references to "dreams" in the New Testament, and five are found in the first two chapters of Matthew.

By and large modern Biblical students in the West regard the interest in dreams and visions as primitive and as unhealthily subjective. Where the Church has ignored this gift, the enemy...
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