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Enoch and the Sons of God by Paul Van Dan Elzen

Enoch and the Sons of God
By Paul Van Dan Elzen

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Book Synopsis

Wild tales of adventure, dark fantasy, romance, and humor about Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Enoch, a friendly Neanderthal prophet who lived during an ice age. Enoch and his beloved wife Mehetabel must deal with the metal wizard Tubal Cain, and the beautiful serpent worshiper Naamah, and her powerful seductive goddess Ashtoreth, and the sons of God, the strangely handsome men that come riding in on their fiery floating discs. As time goes on, the sons of God become increasing corrupt and one in particular could be Satan himself.


The Lord has granted me clear memories of my life thus far. I still remember my grandfather telling me ancient stories about creation, the fall, and more recent stories about his father, a great man of God. I was a troubled twelve year old then but my grandfather inspired me to follow God despite all that had happened. As my fa...
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