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Gravity: True For You But Not For Me by Michael Edwards

Gravity: True For You But Not For Me
By Michael Edwards

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Book Synopsis

Factual Evidence for Gods Existence and Identity.

Can you imagine jumping off the edge of a 10,000 foot cliff without a parachute while screaming, "Gravity is true for you but not for me!" Not unless you're crazy, right? We all know the law of gravity is true because of the evidence. We drop something and it falls, we trip and we fall. I like to point out to people that my dogs have no idea what gravity is, so they can't believe in it, but they never float away. Gravity is true for everyone, everywhere, whether they believe it or not.

But do you think that any single belief about God can be true for everyone? I have often heard people say, "God is true for you but something else is true for me," as if the truth about God is just personal opinion. In fact, the Bible claims to be true for everyone, whether they believe it or not, just like...
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