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Heaven is Counting on You! by Nicholas Musa Mthombeni

Heaven is Counting on You!
By Nicholas Musa Mthombeni

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Book Synopsis

Heaven is counting on you! Is an evangelism tool for everyone who is or wants live as an evangelist and preach the gospel of God to all nations. As an evangelist too I have learnt that in order for one to face his enemy successfully in the battlefield (world), one has to study his enemy very closely and know every bit about the enemy.

When Jesus went back to heaven, he instructed his disciples' to preach his gospel to all nations and be fishers of men.


Lucifer, Devil, Satan, or whatever you may call him. He opposes God’s children and he was once amongst the trusted near God. The bible tells us that he was created by God as a cherub, the most powerful of God’s angelic beings. But some time after his creation and before the creation of mankind, pride and desire to be like God himself arose in his heart and he rebelled against G...
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