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Is Jesus an evolutionist? by Mike L Anderson

Is Jesus an evolutionist?
By Mike L Anderson

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Book Synopsis

The title is provocative but is deliberately asked to draw attention to the centrality of Christ and him crucified in the debates around creation and evolution. In much of the debate, the signal is sent that the Christian faith hangs or falls over evolution. It is argued that from perspective of the crucifixion, this is giving far too much theological significance to evolution. The book's first purpose is to encourage Christians to so ground their faith in Christ that evolutionary biology poses no threat. The book's second purpose is to assess the evidence for evolution.


Is Jesus an evolutionist? This might seem a wildly anachronistic question - rather like asking whether Confucius was a hippy or whether Socrates was into rock music.  Jesus was a carpenter who lived 2000 years ago. What possible connection could he have with evolutionary theor...
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