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My Belief. By Joe Isaac Gauthier

My Belief
By Joe Isaac Gauthier

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For thousands of years, man has sought to find the answer to the purpose of life--the how and why of all things. With the many religions and scientific dogmas, it is easy to see how people can become lost in what they believe, and have the very foundations of their faith shaken--where we come from, where we go, and how we will get there. Each re-ligion claims to know these answers and claims that, if faith is sought correctly, an answer and spiritual revelation will be given to you.

All religions (including science) share this in common: the belief in God. Even the earliest fathers of science had a belief in God. I do not know what to call this writing; however, a belief is what it is. It is a belief in life, the facts of life, and the truth that I have discovered and found. That, my friend, is My Belief.


Paradigm: A school of thought applied to...
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