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Pray What God Says by Christine Brooks Martin

Pray What God Says
By Christine Brooks Martin

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A valuable bible study companion to help you gain a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer. Topical scriptural references will help you learn how to: Develop unbroken communion and fellowship with God; Increase your faith, trust and confidence that He has a plan and solution for every facet of life (spiritual growth, family, health & finances).


Throughout Genesis 1, as God was creating all things and man, He said it was good. We have yet to observe or experience every expression or facet of goodness and beauty that was designed by our Creator in the heavens, on and in the earth, or through the animate and inanimate.

God created man in His image. He formed man’s body from the dust of the earth and breathed into him the breath of life. Man became a living soul with a God-given spirit, designed to be in direct and constant co...
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