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Stairway To Heaven by Michael J. Iding

Stairway To Heaven
By Michael J. Iding

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Book Synopsis

Very in depth study on salvation. Material condensed from volumes upon volumes of writings from 250 years ago. This study will give you the "science" surrounding your relationship between our Lord and man, heaven and hell and spirits and angels.

To test this as the truth, just apply to your life and you will see!

When the Lord speaks in Luke 12:2 about "there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known". I HAVE THAT MATERIAL (in part) IN THIS BOOK.


Those who have no interest in learning about spiritual truths from the Word of God will be obscured or in defiance in understanding and obedience thereof, whereas, this work will be clear to those that have such an interest, and especially to those that have an affection for truth for the sake of truth, that is, who love truth becau...
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