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Time for Truth: A Challenge to Skeptics - Steve Copland

Time for Truth: A Challenge to Skeptics
By Steve Copland

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Book Synopsis

Is there one consistent truth, one story which eclipses all others, a single road towards the light revealed through religion, science, philosophy, legend and myth? Some would say 'no'; they are wrong. We live in perilous times. This is a time for answers, a time to take a closer look, this is a Time for Truth.

There are few people who can say they have never thought about the questions concerning the purpose for human existence. In our moments of quiet, moments of grief, and even moments of joy, sometimes a small yet persistent voice begs us to consider if there is an ultimate purpose and answer to life. Some of us successfully drown that voice beneath the noise of business or busyness; we grab a hold of a few useful expressions for warding off religious fanatics, and live as if we will never die. But death reaches us all and if our death is not the end, if we disco...
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