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Walking with Jesus in the Gospel of Luke by Anthony Perry

Walking with Jesus in the Gospel of Luke
By Anthony Perry

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Book Synopsis

This thirty day devotional takes you on an in-depth journey with the eyewitness accounts of Luke's gospel. It will uplift your spirit as it challenges and changes you. Many have agreed that Walking With Jesus Through the Gospel of Luke has taught them to have a closer realtionship with Christ.


In the beginning of Luke we hear that he set forth to make an accurate account of Jesus from eyewitnesses. Luke possibly traveled with the Apostle Paul from town to town, hearing from witness to witness. 

Maybe he listened to a man named Peter at an evening fire, as the aging apostle shared the anguish of his memory from another evening fire, and the faithless words he spoke there.  

Maybe he talked to Mary the mother of Jesus, as the children sat at her feet listening to her tell stories of her son, and his journey to the cross. &nb...
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