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Chief Cook and Bottle Washer by Rita Hestand

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
By Rita Hestand

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When her cousin died, she left her baby to Emma, who became an instant mother. Since the father was still alive and the grandparents apparently interested, the question was how strong and legally binding was the was the will? In a quandry, Emma takes flight to the wide open spaces of West Texas with Sammiee Jo.

Regrettably, she hadn't been as open as she had wished with her new boss, Deke Travers, although he hadn't exactly given her much opportunity to explain either. His 4-Bar-None Ranch needed a cook and housekeeper on the double. Emma and her daughter needed a place to hide out.


A horn blared, metal crashed, shattering Emma Smith's concentration and jolting her against the steering wheel. She scrambled out of her truck, only to find a tall stranger with an accusing finger pointed straight at her. His flashlight and...
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