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Dinner For Two. By TM David-West

Dinner For Two
By TM David-West

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Book Synopsis

Theodore Malik is an average-income earning Nigerian in love with millionaire heiress, Kome Douglas. They share same office building... but that's about as much as they have in common.

How does he win the love of a woman way above his social class?


The thought of her made his heart skip. It literally did--each, and every moment, he thought of her. And he thought of her often, literally every single minute of the day.

She was his star, his moon and his sun. She truly was.

She was beautiful. Completely and utterly so. She was tall as a runway model, slim as willowy flower tree and pretty-faced as a real-life Barbie doll. Her face was heart-shaped, a rich creamy brown like the rest of her skin, and without-an-iota-of-blemish flawless. Her eyes were large, wide and brown like the colour of cocoa. Her n...
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