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My Wrong Love Story by Shalu Murthy

My Wrong Love Story
By Shalu Murthy

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Book Synopsis

Sharanya's only goal was to find an appropriate job for herself. Committed, goal oriented Sharanya found herself losing her mind over Rohan, the handsome alluring mystery boy she met. Was he the one she was destined to fall in love with?


When truth dawned over Sharanya that Rohan had killed his girl friend Shreya ; her world came crashing down ... Was this her wrong love story ... will she ever trust again?

Sharanya Ashok was hurrying through the stairs. She had to reach third floor before 3.30 P.M but it was already late, the clock was ticking away merrily. She was late for her first day of networking classes she had enrolled a month earlier.

Sharan was an engineering graduate and like many other fellow engineers she was rendered jobless. Tireless hours over the internet and after multiple browsing through Naukr...
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